Garmin Edge 1000

Using Garmin Edge 1000 without SD card

A few years back my wife purchased the fancy new Garmin Edge 1000 cycling computer. Unfortunately it was not a happy marriage. Pretty soon, the device wanted to update its maps. As maps are increasing in size, the latest map didn’t fit on the device itself and it required an SD card for additional storage. So far, not a big issue. However, she was one of the few who never got an SD card working in the Edge 1000.

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Johann Olav Koss 1994

Johann Olav Koss

Johann Olav Koss, born October 29 1968 in Drammen, won three gold medals at 1994 Olympics in Lillehammer with world records in the 1,500m, 5,000m and 10,000m. This achievement brought speed skating to the interest of people all over the world. Sports Illustrated magazine named him “Sportsman of the Year”. His world records lasted until the introduction of the “clap skate”, which boosted speed skating results to new records.

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Philips SHB9150 headphones

In the recent holiday season I got this great present; a Philips wireless Bluetooth headphones SHB9150! Setting up a Bluetooth connection with my HTC One (M7) smart phone was very easy and took less than a minute. Another minute was spend setting the SHB9150 to fit to the size of my head. And I was ready to enjoy the music! Here’s a small review.
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