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Here is some free software that’s REALLY worth downloading. Every pc should have these applications! Do you know more programs that should be here, please email me!

If a product has a gpl license, then it’s noticed. Gpl stands for general public licence. That means that the product isn’t only for free, there are no copyrights, so anybody can use and improve it. :

Acrobat Reader Pdf files can be read with the acrobat reader.
AVG Free Free virus scanner for personal use. Works great on my desktop.
ALzip Alzip supports all major formats and has a very good integration in Windows.
Crimson Editor Text editor with a sober notepad-like layout, but with all the nice editor functionalities secretly in it.
Easy Cleaner Speed up your pc by cleaning up the registry.
Emule gpl eMule is a filesharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network but offers more features than the standard client
Everest Find out what hardware is in your pc using this free package
Filezilla gpl A great ftp client. Also a ftp server is available from these developers
Firefox gpl The fast popularising browser from Mozilla.
Hitman Pro This is the best anti spyware solution at the moment. Install it and clean your computer.
Irfanview Very good image viewer. Can also be used for simple picture editing.
Log me in Access your Windows pc through a web browser.
PDF Creator gpl Create a pdf file easily from almost any program.
Regcleaner 4.3 Clean your registry with this program
Speedfan Measure motherboard, cpu and hd temperature and optimize cooling.
Total Commander shareware Filemanager with good pack- and ftp-utilities


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