How to crack a Total Commander ftp password

I really LOVE the Total Commander, the double pane shareware filemanager with good ftp- and packing support. But now I forgot a ftp password, which I do have stored in Total Commander, but I wanted to use it in another ftp-client. To recover it, I used Windows Commander FTP crack.

Windows Commander FTP crack

A small utility to decode FTP passwords stored localy by Windows Commander.

How to use:
1. Open wcx_ftp.ini with a text viewer:
You will find wcx_ftp.ini in your Windows directory (eg. C:/windows/)
or in your Windows Commander directory (often: C:/wincmd/)
2. Copy the encoded password string of the FTP you want to decode:
The string will look something like this: ‘password=61DFDFCBC4C90C7B’
(copy only the ’61DFDFCBC4C90C7B’)
3. Start wcftpcrack.exe and past the string and press show. Et voila!!!

This program is only to be used to recover your OWN ftp passwords.
Using it to decode and/or use other people’s passswords can get you in
serious (legal) trouble!

Found this program on the net without and info,
so the author is unknown to me….

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  1. I had that problem before and there’s a much easier way to view the passwords. Just download a utility called revealer.exe. Can Google it. Very small program and free. Apparently the password is there in TC but only the * characters show. Open TC to view the password and run revealer and it changes the * characters to show the password. No cracking required. Saved my ass enough times!

  2. Tihs code is yours?? I don’t believe this programs .. sorry .. but if i must trust this programs like this i must see the code .. or catching network connection from this programe.. Because often this programs is sending via Internet this passwords 🙂

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