How to add a harddrive to Windows XP

hd300--lj-pers.jpgToday my new Samsung Spinpoint 300Gb harddisk finally arrived. The Samsung Spinpoint is one of the quietest harddrives on the market while being superfast and without using a lot of energy. I will use it as a backup for my files on the existing 200Gb Maxtor hd and I will use the remaining space for non-important files like swap- and temporary files. Therefore the hd has to be installed. But howto?

  1. Open up the computer case and give your hd a place. Connect power and data cables and use the jumper to make it Master or Slave when necessary. Close the case.
  2. Boot up the system and go into your Bios (often by clicking the “del” button a number of times when booting) and check whether the Bios found your new harddisk. Leave the Bios.
  3. Let Windows XP boot. Windows will inform you that it found new hardware and say it is ready to use. But it’s not! You wil not be able to find your harddisk in “Windows Explorer” or any other file manager.
  4. Go to your Configuration Panel, go for the “Administrative Tools”, then “Computer Management” and finally “Disk Management.”
  5. A wizard pop-ups to help you configure your hd as a new drive and assign a drive letter. If it’s really new and contains no data, you can format your disk.
  6. Done!
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