Ibis hotel Utrecht

Last night I stayed in the Ibis hotel in Utrecht (Netherlands). Unfortunately, I was disappointed about the quality of the hotel.

The prices for a not so exclusive meal where quite exclusive. Therefore I decided to take the cheapest meal, which was a pasta for 12 euro’s. I also ordered a salat side dish for 2,50 euro. The pasta was a large amount of spaghetti with a small amount of sauce. The sauce included not more than water, some champion mushroom sauce, some champion mushrooms, and some onions. It tasted terrible. The side dish wasn’t good either. It just tasted really bad. The only good thing about the meal where the olives which were presented for free before I received my actual meal.

After I had diner, I went back to my room. No couch was present, so I sat on my bed watching the tiny tv. When waking up from the short bed (1.80 m seem to exist still), I had a shower. The bathroom was ok, but not shining. Breakfast was ok, but that didn’t make up for the almost hundred euro I had paid.

The bottom line: Don’t visit the Ibis hotel in Utrecht.

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