Hotel Ouwi Utrecht

The next try in my search for a good hotel in Utrecht was succesfull. Hotel Ouwi is located near the city centre of Utrecht, which makes it very good reachable by public transport. Nice restaurants can be found near by in the Bildstraat. The hotel itself does not have a restaurant. For 79 euro’s a night, including city tax and a breakfast, you’ll have a room for one person.

The interior is far from modern. Everything is a bit old and of a low-budget quality, with an interesting item in between now and then. This may sound a bit negative, but that’s not fair. The hotel is causy and breaths warmth. In the morning a breakfast is served with a cooked egg, toasted bread and bread still warm from the oven. For 79 euro’s a night including not only breakfast, but also free wireless internet, you’re doing a great deal being a consumer, while feeling and being treated like a guest.

I give hotel Ouwi an 8.

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