How to customize the email for a new DirectAdmin user

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When you create a new user in DirectAdmin the user as default receives an email with his account details. You may give the user some extra information, translate the message to another language. Here’s howto.

Create a user as normally. On the following screen:

edit DA user message.JPG

notice the link called “Edit user message“. Click this and you can edit the message as you like. Save it and DirectAdmin will remember the changes!

Here’s the original text in case something goes wrong:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for choosing our service to meet your web hosting needs.

Your account has been created with the following details:

Username: |username|
Password: |password|
Domain: |domain|

To log in immediately, follow this link, using your username and password:


Once your domain resolves, you will be able to follow this link:


Bandwidth: |bandwidth| Megabytes
Disk Space: |quota| Megabytes

Virtual Domains: |vdomains|
Subdomains: |nsubdomains|

POP Email Accounts: |nemails|
Email Forwarders: |nemailf|
Email Autoresponders: |nemailr|
Email Mailing Lists: |nemailml|
POP Server: mail.|domain|
SMTP Server: mail.|domain|
Login: |username|
Password: |password|

FTP accounts: |ftp|
Anonymous FTP: |aftp|
FTP Server: ftp.|domain|
Login: |username|
Password: |password|

IP: |ip|
Use |ip|/~|username| to access it until the domain resolves.

You must use these dns servers for your domain. They can be changed through your domain registrar.

NS1: |ns1|
NS1 IP: |ns1ip|
NS2: |ns2|
NS2 IP: |ns2ip|

MySQL Databases: |mysql|
Domain Pointers: |domainptr|
SSH Access: |ssh|
Secure Socket Layer: |ssl|
CGI: |cgi|
PHP: |php|
DNS control: |dnscontrol|

Once again, thank you for choosing our hosting service
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

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