Gianni Romme

Gianne Romme Book KlapGianni Romme has dominated the long distances in speed skating for a couple of years. He even was world champion all-round once. I like reading biographies of winning top athletes because you get a better idea of how they manage to be even better than the top.

Erik Klap wrote such a book about Gianni Romme. It gives a little insight in what made him special, but the feeling I get reading the book is not the feeling of the sportsman. It’s about a person who wants to tell it all in the book, but especially wants to be nice. For his friends and for his enemies. The people he likes are heroes. The people he doesn’t like that much are still nice. It’s just all too sweet.

Therefore I only recommend reading this book when you’re a true Romme, or general speed skating fan. I give it a 6.

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