How to play Red Alert 2 online

  1. Buy Red Alert 2 (very cheap nowadays)
  2. Install Red Alert 2
  3. Upgrade Red Alert 2 if necessary (it upgrades automatically if you try to open an internet game)
  4. Install the XWIS tool (XWIS manages the Red Alert 2 online games nowadays)
  5. Start an internet game in RA2
  6. enjoy!

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  1. the error appears “westwood online support library is either missing or invalid” when I click on the any of the option in internet………..please help……how can i fix this problem

  2. or try this server, you don’t need an original game
    here is a tutorial
    Install game with shared components (RA2 update 1.006, YR
    or just edit “host” file and add theese lines at the end of file

  3. I’ve been trying to figure out how to play ra2 online. not anything special, just the game, a way for me to communicate with family. i did above directions, how exactly do i start an online game? i try signing up for westwood account. cannot do this. any further information. I already have the game installed on my computer.

  4. when i try to play online it just says unable to connect check internet connection. but there is nothing wrong with my internet connection im online rite now. can anyone help me out or if ne 1 knows what i need to do please e-mail me 2

  5. Make a unique username, and your password has to be EXACTLY 8 characters long, no more/no less, and can only contain letters and numbers

  6. How to create acccount for red alert 2 or yyuri revenge???
    i want to play it on line help me please!!!

  7. hey i’m Red Alert 2’s player and everybody please help me to play Online please :((( i need it

  8. Do you want play Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge???
    Connect to!!!:
    Network: Red Alert 2 – Yuri
    Password: yuri

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