Prices of forwards in Hattrick

In May 2007 I did an analysis on the prices of players in Hattrick to optimize my passing training. Here are the prices I found for forwards between 21 en 23 years old using Hattrick Transfer Price Evaluation (HTPE).

Scoring Passing Price in Euro
Briliant Weak 500000
Briliant inadequate
Briliant passable
Briliant Solid 900000
Briliant excellent 100000
Briliant formidable
Magnificent Weak 800000
Magnificent inadequate 950000
Magnificent passable 1000000
Magnificent Solid 1100000
Magnificent excellent 1300000
Magnificent formidable 1500000
WorldClass Weak 950000
WorldClass inadequate 1050000
WorldClass passable 1200000
WorldClass Solid 1350000
WorldClass excellent 1450000
WorldClass formidable 1550000
Supernatural Weak 1100000
Supernatural inadequate
Supernatural passable
Supernatural Solid
Supernatural excellent 1700000
Supernatural formidable
Titanic Weak
Titanic inadequate 1200000
Titanic passable
Titanic Solid
Titanic excellent 1550000
Titanic formidable

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