Send sent send – irregular verb

Send is an irregular verb. Here’s how to use it:

I will send the cake tomorrow.
I sent the cake yesterday.
I have sent you all the info.

So it’s: send sent sent and not send sent send

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By Leendert

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  1. Please change the header! It’s very misleading.
    I’ve sent an e-mail with that error, in the attempt to cross-check it by googl-ing it out.
    Unfortunately, it was one of the first results!!!

  2. ah! my brain explodes every time I see something ‘being send’, ‘is send’ etc!!

  3. And what about
    I will make sure it is send to the XXX (in future)
    I will make sure it is sent to the XXX (in future).

    I will make sure it will be send to the XXX (in future)
    I will make sure it will be sent to the XXX (in future)

    Please help me!

  4. thats right! and you’r nr. 1 position in google when looking for sent send !!! keep it up 😉

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