Who do you share a server with?

ip neighbours

If you own a website then probably you’re sharing a server with a lot of other websites. Most websites are hosted on shared servers with hundreds of other websites. Thinking about this may result in asking some questions to yourself:

  • How many other domains are hosted on “my” webserver?”
  • Do I know any of my fellow server users?
  • Is porn hosted on the same server as my website?
  • Is my webserver used by hackers / Is it hacked?

The answer on all these questions can be obtained by visiting www.myipneighbors.com and entering your website. You then receive a list of websites who are also hosted on the server which hosts your website.

I’m happy with my results 🙂

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Leendert van Achteren is a Business Analyst and part-time Web Entrepreneur. He's building and managing websites with SEO in mind He's writing about anything that has his interest, but especially focusing on market transparency for consumers.

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