N95 as a wireless hotspot

For my work I travel quite a lot. Mostly I travel by train as this gives me the opportunity to take some sleep very early in the morning and do some work when travelling in the afternoon or evening. My Nokia N95 enables me to connect to the internet through 3G. It has a decent browser built in and my Vodafone flat fee internet bundle which costs me € 9,95 / month gives me the freedom and speed to do online whatever I want.

For my work I always carry my notebook. It has wifi just as my phone so wouldn’t it be great if I could use my N95 as a wireless accesspoint for my notebook! With Joikuspot I can. Here’s how they describe it on their own website.

JoikuSpot turns your phone to a mobile WLAN HotSpot. No need for USB dongles, cables or Bluetooth. Email, secured access and corporate intraweb (VPN) supported. JoikuSpot software installs direct to your phone, and you will carry 3G internet in your pocket, and can share it over WLAN with your friends.

Joikuspot Light
For months I’ve been using the light version. Which is free but blocks all kinds of email programs and does not allow for advanced features.

  • HTTP(S) protocol support
  • WLAN access to internet with laptops, iPods and internet tablets
  • Secured access and user control
  • Multiple parallel connections
  • User definable access point and settings
  • Supports 8 languages
  • Supports S60 3rd Ed mobile phones
  • Free download at www.joiku.com

Full version
But this morning I bought a €15,- lifetime licence on the full version which supports

  • All the JoikuSpot Light functionality +
  • Secured access to corporate intrawebs (VPN)
  • Email support
  • Full support for all network access protocols such as Outlook, Skype, Gmail, YouTube, Messengers…
  • No forced default landing page
  • 100% customizable for operator and corporate whitelabeling and licencing
  • Supports S60 3rd Ed mobile phones
  • Purchase at www.joikushop.com

Besides I get the feeling that the connection is more stable and even faster than in the ligt version. The connection feels faster than when browsing on the phone itself. I’m working on a fast moving train for 15 minutes now and I’m still having a fast and working connection.

My advice is: try the light version and if you’re only a little impressed (which you will be) then buy the full package. Be aware that changing your symbian phone in a wireless router will get the juice out of your battery in no time so have a charger within reach.

Have fun!

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