How to copy Total Commander settings to another pc

I bought a new pc and one of the programs I will keep using, also in Vista is Total Commander. I use the ftp functionality very frequently so I have tens of different accounts maintained on the old installation. Here’s how to copy these to another pc.

  • Open ” Help” on the top-right of the Total Commander interface.
  • Click ” About Total Commander …”
  • Now you”ll find where the ftp-settings and all other settings are stored
  • Copy these files to the location mentioned in the help file on the new pc
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By Leendert

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  1. Thanks a lot! My was default in /windows directory
    Now it’s users/xx/appdata/roaming/ghissler…

  2. Thank you!! It is very useful thing to know where TC stores its ini-files that are really used, not default ones from Total Commander folders.

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