Manual Philips Cineos 9603

Philips offers a number of series of flat TVs. They go from the 3000 series to the 9000 series and then on top you have the Essence ultra flat tv and Aurea overwelming experience tv.

Key features I want in my tv are the

  • “Perfect Pixel” HD engine to make the most of the normally less-than full HD input signal
  • 100Hz + low response time to handle fast moving objects like a football. (not in 32PFL9603)

The 9000 or “Cineos” series is the first in line to have these features resulting in an astonishing image quality. And you’ll get the ambilight effect for free 😉 Whether you like ambilight or not appears to be very personal though. I like it very much.

Please find the manuals below:

update: jan 24th 2009:
I mounted this tv to the wall. The model is compliant with the 200 * 200 VESA standard. The wall mount with the smalles depth I could find was the highly affordable Newstar FPMA-W110. Unfortunately the Cineos required M8 bolts which were not included in the wall-mount set. I even had to drill out the wholes to make them larger. The result however is great. The tv hangs only 17mm from the wall (which forced me to remove the solid cap from a scart cable connection).

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