Into the Wild

“An IMDB rating of 8.2 can only result in watching a great movie.” FALSE. Into the Wild is different then an ordinary Hollywood film. But in the meantime it is not. The story of a boy growing up and deciding to make something out of his life and do things different then his parents might be interesting. In this case it is not. The different characters including the main one are just stereotypes which makes their interaction predictable. The personas never get my sympathy. The story line is simple and superficial. The play is not convincing. The only thing worth seeing is the nature in which the scenes are shot.

This movie is one big disappointment and was a waste of my time. I rate it a 4.

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By Leendert

Leendert van Achteren is a Business Analyst and part-time Web Entrepreneur. He's building and managing websites with SEO in mind He's writing about anything that has his interest, but especially focusing on market transparency for consumers.

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