Manual Nokia 6230i

6230i-nokiaThe Nokia 6230i is a solid phone which is small, looks good, is easy to use and has all the functions you can expect from a business phone which includes MP3, bluetooth, camera, etc.
Download the user instructions of the Nokia 6230i in pdf format below.

manual Nokia 6230i

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  1. Dear Herr Van Achteren! Your photo of the Nokia 6230i brought me to your web page. One such phone Made In Hungary, Magyarorszaag is currently sitting on my desk here, next to our family Sony Vaio VGN-CS21S/R, which I use to see the photographs I take with the Nokia, using the Bluetooth connection. I have recycled the telephone and want to read either an English language manual to it, or a Magyar language manual. I feel that the Nokia 6230i would be a very useful device for electronic publishing/reading of books, which also contain colour photographs, and advised the Magyar bookseller house Moly to this affect just a few minutes ago. I have not had a chance to read your web-site, but you obviously know what you are doing, and I thought I will drop you a line here. We live in London, and I am learning to use the internet on our family computer. Have you heard of a Company called Formac? I have used their products in the past and was impressed by the quality of their work. I wonder what do they manufacture these days? I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for uploading the Nokia 6230i photo, and wish you a very happy and sucessfull new year 2012. I am Magyar by birth and upbringing, and have lived in London U.K. since 1977, but feel that stadt Wels, Austria, and the surrounding lands might as well be ours. Also, I have heard of the castle called WeWelsburgh, or some similar name, near Berlin. Do you know about this place? I wonder if my family has any contacts. I have visited West-Berlin in 1981 by Airoplane, and was very surprised when my Passport was placed face down on a scanning machine!! I was used to the peaceful life of Budapest!! Does your family retain lands in wherever you live? I hope you will also get back these lands, castles etc. Best Regards Istvan Andras Stefan Wels, London. p.s. after having written this note, I will now look at your web-site to check up on my intuition regarding the above lines.

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