How to transfer contacts from Nokia 6230i to N95

Today I tried to migrate the contacts from a Nokia 6230i phone to the Nokia N95. I used a 2-step approach.

  1. Copy all contacts on Nokia 6230i to the sim card
  2. Copy all contacts from the sim card to the N95

To do this I used the following:

On the 6230i:

  • go to your contacts
  • on one random contact go to “options”
  • select “copy”
  • select “copy all to sim

Now turn off you 6230i, remove the sim, place it in the N95 and turn it on.

  • go to your contacts
  • select “options” and go to sim directory
  • You now see your sim contacts. Select “mark / unmark”
  • Mark all
  • Copy to contacts

you’re done!

By Leendert

Leendert van Achteren is a Business Analyst and part-time Web Entrepreneur. He's building and managing websites with SEO in mind He's writing about anything that has his interest, but especially focusing on market transparency for consumers.

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