How to cancel a print job in Vista or XP

printerFor some reason my print jobs often get stuck in the queue in Microsoft Windows Vista and or XP. Cancelling or restarting the job often does not work then.

A found a post in a forum by a guy called Bill who created a batch file to force the cancellation of print jobs in the queue.

  1. Open notepad or some other text editor
  2. Copy and paste the following lines in the text editor:
    @echo off
    echo Purging the print queue . . .
    net stop Spooler
    echo Deleting all print jobs . . .
    ping localhost -n 4 > nul
    del /q %SystemRoot%\system32\spool\printers\*.*
    net start Spooler
    echo Done!
    ping localhost -n 4 > nu
  3. Save the text as cancelprintjobs.bat
  4. Execute the batch file. In Vista make sure to run it as administrator

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