Hotel Carlton de Brug Mierlo

carlton_debrugThe number of affordable (appr. €100,-) hotels in the Eindhoven region is limited. So this time I tried Carlton hotel “De Brug” in a village near Eindhoven called Mierlo.

The first thing I noticed is that the drive to Mierlo is longer than I anticipated. From the Eindhoven city centre to the hotel took me almost half an hour. The second thing is that the hotel is quite large. And not only the hotel itself is large, there’s also a large sports centre attached where the large fitness area and the pool are free to use for hotel guests.
The rooms are fine. The rooms have airconditioning and modern furniture. The rooms are very quiet and the beds are very good.
The available restaurant was actually a sports canteen which did not have a good atmosphere, had reasonable quality food but was far too expensive for what you got.

As the distance from Eindhoven is quite large and the hotel is not a better alternative from what is available in Eindhoven itself I will probably not come to this hotel anymore.

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