How to play Supreme Commander on a virtual LAN

In my search for the next best thing after RTS game Red Alert 2, I found Supreme Commander which is more or less the sequel of Total Annihilation. Supreme Commander, or SupCom is great for it’s zooming capabilities, it’s units, the graphics, the gameplay. It’s just great. But how to play it with my brother who lives somewhere else?

The first option is to play through the servers of Gas Powered Games, the publisher of the game. Their GPGNet is free to use.

The second option is to have one player host the game and the other one to connect to the game through a LAN. Hamachi is a tool which is able to build a LAN network across the internet.

  1. Install LogMeIn Hamachi on both PCs. Create a virtual network and connect to it. Make sure that the first 3 digits of the virtual IP are the same to avoid “class c” issues which can occur in Hamachi2. It should now be possible to ping each other in the Hamachi interface.
  2. One player should now host a LAN game and notifiy the other player of the port number used
  3. Player 2 should now join the game on the IP adres of player 1 with the port number as informed.

Tested on Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

Have fun!

Great site on Supreme Commander units:

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