Find outdated scripts on linux webserver

Together with my companion I own a Linux based webserver. It’s managed by a third party, Red Unix. Although it’s managed, it’s still a big problem when users use outdated scripts like Joomla!, WordPress, Coppermine and PHPBB. Hackers use security holes for sending spam or DDOS attacks which will get the entire webserver on various blacklists. Here’s how I found the outdated scripts.

  1. Log in to the server using SSH
  2. Login as administrator. In my case I used sudo su
  3. Go to the home directory of your server
  4. Search for Joomla! Changelog files using find . -name ‘CHANGELOG.php’ -printf ‘%t %p\n’
    • The output will give the file names and its locations preceded by the dates the files were last changed.
    • If you’re not already sure the script is outdated based on the date then open the file and search for the version.
  5. Search for the Coppermine Changelog files using find . -name ‘CHANGELOG’ -printf ‘%t %p\n’
  6. Search for PHPBB Changelog files using find . -name ‘CHANGELOG.html’ -printf ‘%t %p\n’
  7. Search for WordPress Changelog files using find . -name ‘CHANGELOG.html’ -printf ‘%t %p\n’

How do you manage outdated scripts on your webserver?

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