Canon MG5250 Manual + Hands on experience

Canon MG5250

Recently I chose the Canon MG5250 above its major all-in-one competitors. Now I bought the thing, got it installed and am herewith sharing my first experiences.


Installation was easy. As I wanted to use the AIO wireless, I tried to install the software and connect to the machine already without USB cable. This went just fine. No issues at all.


The wireless connection communicates over 802.11b/g/n. While connected to my router through the 802.11 g connection I once had issues with printing an 8mb file. I’m not sure what went wrong there, but I can imagine that printing extremely large files over wifi has a higher risk of time-out issues compared to a wired connection. Today I upgraded my home network to 802.11n and was able to print a word document which contained a 1.5mb photo without any issues.


Tom, one of my readers, asked me how the scanning goes over WIFI.

  1. Make sure your PC is turned on
  2. Make sure the printer is turned on
  3. Select that you want to scan towards a PC
  4. Select whether you want it to be a document (PDF) or an image (JPG)
  5. Put the document to be scanned on the glass
  6. Press “Scan”
  7. Either repeat steps 5 and 6 for follow-up pages or select that you’re done.
  8. Turn off the printer
  9. Find the document available in a folder on your pc and in the Canon MP Navigator EX for further processing:


The User Guide can be found in English below.
Download Manual Canon Pixma MG5200 EN

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By Leendert

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  1. I am trying to scan a drawing from my printer to the PC but inspite of pressing all the Go buttons nothing happens, it just says processing wait. Is it me or the printer ?

  2. Leendert

    ik heb een foutmelding op mijn printer pixma mp 510 canon printkop onjuist ;
    ik heb er al nieuwe ingezet en het blijft hetzelfde

  3. La mia stmapante PIXMA MG5250 ha segnalato il codice di errore B200. Dall’assistenza mi hanno comunicato che questo corrisponde alla segnalazione dell’assorbitore d’inchiostro pieno. Vorrei resettarlo ma non riesco con la procedura che avete già illustrato. Come fare? Portarla in assistenza equivale a dire… apetto per settimane. Grazie

  4. Hoi,

    Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik aan een handleidig voor de MG5350 kan komen? De mijne is kennelijk verloren gegaan.
    Hoop dat iemand kan helpen.


  5. Leendert,

    Ik heb de volgende foutmelding: U052 type printkop is onjuist. Instaalleer de juiste printkop. Help!!

  6. Hoi Leendert. ik krijg een foutmelding van C000 bij de printer mg5250 het aan- en uitzetten helpt niet. En ik moest 1 van de inktpatronen vervangen, maar dat kun ik nu niet gezien door deze foutmelding de printer niet functioneert. Hoe kan ik deze foutmelding van C000 oplossen?
    Met vriendelijke groet,


  7. Thanks for the link to the English manual. My computer only lets me have the German one: nightmare. Couldn’t get any help from Canon webpage. You have saved a printer from flying through an open window to its death!

  8. Hi there,

    I have had my MG5250 for a little while now, but I’ve just gone to use the scanner function to scan a drawing to my PC and it just will not scan. I cannot scan into paint as it gets to the point where you hit “scan” on the walk through window and it just doesn’t do anything.
    Any ideas?


  9. Hi Simon, I’m not an expert enough to be able to answer your question. But maybe the visiting community can answer it?

  10. Hi Leendert,
    you seem to be somewhat of an expert on the 5250 🙂 Do you know if it is possible to scan from the printer to the computer without opening the MP Navigator EX bloatware? The PDF is already automatically stored on desktop after I initiate the scan on the printer but still every time MP Navigator EX is started and I need to close it again because I don’t need it (but it must be installed in order to scan from printer to PC).

  11. Hi Leendert,
    We hebben een Canon Pixma MG5250. We hadden per ongeluk foto papier in de lade ipv via de bovenlader gedaan. We hebben nu de melding: Papieruitvoeropening, papierstoring, Verwijder papier en druk op ok.
    We zien geen papier zitten. We hebben dit euvel eerder gehad en toen hielp het om de printer uit te zetten, de stroomkabel te verwijderen en 10 minuten te wachten, hierna verdween de error message. Dit helpt nu echter ook niet. Heb jij misschien nog een hint?
    Alvast bedank,

  12. How do I prepare my Canon pixma MG5250 to print from my iPad2?
    As usual the enormous manual is of no use;-)
    Grateful for any help
    Jan de Miranda

  13. Have a canon MG5250 and an error has occured C000 could someone please help me to correct the problem

  14. Hi,

    Wondering whether you can help – no success elsewhere.
    I’ve bought MG5250 and trying to set it up – when I ran the software on my laptop (Vista) it couldn’t load the drivers… would get part way through and then at the registry stage would crash with an error saying some files couldn’t be copied.
    Downloaded the current drivers from the website, and unpacked to run, but same issue again – not sure whether there is anything I can do… advice would be fantastic

  15. I have a MG5250. It comes up with a C000 problem.
    Error message, turn off then on and if it doesn’t work see manual ?

  16. Hi Annelies,

    Replacing the ink tanks is described in the manual from page 93 onwards. Please give it a try an let me know if you get somewhere.

    Good luck!

  17. hallo Leendert
    ik heb zojuist deze all-in-1 aangeschaft, ben een dummy, dus heb moeite met de klep omhoog doen om de printkoppen en inktcartridges erin te doen. ik zie dit ook nergens terug in ‘n handleiding.
    Alvast bedankt voor je hulp.

  18. Hi Henk, congratulations with the buy. I hope it suits you! Personally I don’t use the software. So if the standard Windows support all the functions you need, then I’d skip the software installation.

  19. I bought yesterday this printer.
    Is it worth to install the software? I have already Adobe Photoshop. So, what gives this extra.
    Thank you for the manual!
    Henk van Blitterswijk

  20. Hi Ellen,

    You could try the following steps to “reset” your printer:

    1. Start with printer off.
    2. Press and hold resume Button (triangle in the circle) and click “Power” button. Green led should be on.
    3. While holding the Power button, release the Resume Button.
    4. Without releasing the Power Button, click “Resume” button for two times and release Both Buttons.
    5. Click “Resume” for four times then soon click “Power” button, to confirm the selected action (reset counter absorber).
    6. Turn off the printer and turn on again
  21. Hi from Switzerland! I saw your website and was hoping that maybe you can give me a magic tip regarding my Pixma MG5250 which has done great so far but all of a sudden refuses to print indicating there is an error 6C10. Tried to search in the manual – alas, can’t find a solution! I don’t want to take it back to the store unless I need to; it will take weeks for it to come back! My kids are in the midst of exam period and we need our printer. Any words of wisdom you might be able to offer?

  22. LS,
    Hoe kom ik aan een handleiding voor het bedrukken van DVD’s van de Canon Pixma5250?
    bijvoorbaad dank.
    Henny Smit.

  23. Leendert, thanks for your sharing your experiences. This will definetely be a candidate when my Pixma MP 180 runs out of ink again, since I can’t get the scanner working since I got Windows 7, and the wireless scanning looks pretty easy.

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