SOLVED: 1490T reboots every few minutes

I’ve been quite satisfied with my Garmin Nuvi 1490t, except for the occasional spontaneous reboot. Recently however the reboot frequency increased dramatically, so I decided to contact Garmin through their website and ask for support. Below you’ll find the answer which really solved my problem. I haven’t had any reboot since I applied the solution.


1490T reboots every few minutes.


No pattern recognized. The device did reboot every few hours or
so when I just purchased it. During my most recent journey however the
frequency of reboots was on an average of 10 minutes or so. Varying from
1 minute to half an hour.

Answer from Garmin

Thank you for contacting Garmin Europe.

I am sorry to hear that you have been having a problem and I’m happy to
help, I would advise doing  a master reset and software update to
resolve the issue, if you have any favorites on the device they may be
erased but you can back them up by following the instructions below;

1.    Connect your Garmin device to your computer using a data transfer
USB cable.
2.    Double-click on My Computer or Computer.
3.    Right-click on the Garmin device drive and select Open.
4.    Locate and double-click the GPX Folder. (On some devices you may
need to open the Garmin Folder first then the GPX Folder)
5.    Right-click and copy the Current.gpx file.

6.    Locate your computer’s Desktop.
7.    Right-click and select Paste to save the Current.gpx file onto
your Desktop.

Master Reset:

1.      Ensure the device is turned off.
2.      Hold down the bottom right corner of the screen while turning it
3.      A message should appear saying: ?Do you really wish to erase all
user data??
4.      Please select YES.
5.      You will then need to leave the device stationary in clear view
of the sky for up to 45 minutes to acquire satellites.

Software Update:

The preferred way to update the Software in a Garmin device is by using

Webupdater is a free application that can be downloaded and installed on
your computer. It will guide you through the process of updating the
software for your Garmin device. Webupdater can be run at any time to
check and install applicable Software updates in a Garmin device.

Starting at the Webupdater page:

Plug your unit into the computer via the USB cable
Click on Download under step 1
Select the appropriate version of the Webupdater based on your
computer’s operating system
Click I agree to the above terms and want to proceed to the download
Click Download
Select Run when the pop up box appears
Select Run if a message appears asking “Do you want to run this
Click Next when the Webupdater installation page appears
Check the box to accept the licensing terms and select Next
Select Done to complete the Webupdater download
Once Webupdater is installed on your computer, select the application,
if it does not automatically open, to run the program and follow the
Select Next on the Webupdater Wizard
Select Find Device and Next
Select Next to update the unit software on your device and follow the

Once you have run the software updates and updated your device, you will
be prompted to search for additional updates. To load any additional
updates, check the box next to the specific updates you wish to
download. Select anything that relatesfirmware, GPS software, traffic,
vehicles or voice language relating to the versions you use. Once
selected, click next and check the agreement box. At this point the
updates will run directly to your Garmin device. Once the update is
complete you will see a box showing the downloads and if they were a
success. Click finish and unplug your Garmin from the computer to allow
the updates to load. Once the update(s) are loaded, your device will
return to the normal agreement screen and it will be ready to operate.


Internet connection is required to communicate with the Garmin server
and download applicable Software updates.

Webupdater is not compatible with Palm and Pocket PC devices,
fixed-mount marine units, aviation units, chart plotters, or fish

Webupdater updates the applicable Garmin device with the most current
software version available. Check back frequently for additional

To send the file back to the GPS, please follow the steps below:
1.    Right-click on the Current.gpx file on your Desktop and select
2.    Name the file Current1.gpx and then press Enter.
3.    Right-click on the Current1.gpx file and select Copy.
4.    Connect your device to your computer.

5.    Double-click on My Computer or Computer.

6.    Right-click on the Garmin device drive and select Open.
7.    Locate and double-click the GPX Folder. (On some devices you may
need to open the Garmin Folder first then open the GPX Folder)
8.    Right-click and select Paste.
9.    Disconnect your device from your computer and allow it to boot up.

Your favorites will now be restored on your device.

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  1. This video is fake fix all hes done is resolderd the legs that hold the usb plug to the board, its the 5 strips of solder in between the two legs at each end that are attached to the electronics, so the problem of rebooting has nothing to do with the legs on each corner, this guy is nothing more that a wanna be engineer, and is not true to himself or others. what a muppet

  2. I’ve done everything as described but the problem stays as it was – every time my Garmin 1490 keeps rebooting with showing picture of device connected to the PC.

  3. No it does not work if you have current firmware. My issues started with most recent update 2015.40 map and current firmware.

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