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The Eden Crown hotel is located in the center of Eindhoven. A big advantage of such a location is that it’s easy to enjoy the restaurants and bars in the inner city. Especially with good weather like today.¬†Unfortunately the hotel invites to leave it…


When entering my room the first thing I noticed was the old-fashioned and small interior. The smell matched the old-fashioned sight. The second thing was very nice; the room was nice and cool thanks to the air-conditioning which had obviously done its work before I arrived. There’s a tv with quite poor quality, but still there’s tv. At night I went to a great bed. It was not too hard, not too soft, not too small. It was just very good. I’ve been made very aware of the quality of the bed due to all the noise coming from outside keeping me awake until very late in the evening and then waking me up a few times in the middle of the night.



One of the reasons I booked this hotel is that it was stated that there’s a fitness area. I found it in the basement. Unfortunately there were no windows, but maybe that’s because this way people will not get scared from seeing what’s inside. What they would see is a room with some extremely old equipment. I tried both bikes present, but they felt really bad. Besides that it must have been 30 degrees inside, so I left without any training.


Before checking out I had a decent breakfast in a nice room. Too bad that the bread was dry. When checking out, the woman at the desk was very friendly and customer oriented. Apart from the 84 euro hot deal, which I think isn’t a very good deal given the quality of my stay, I had to pay the regular city taxes, 7,50 for 1 hour of internet usage and 12,50 for parking. Be informed that if you arrive after 21.00, then public parking is free of charge.

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  1. Been in the same hotel! In the fitness is really shitty. I would recommend other hotels. There are many better hotels then this one!

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