Manual TomTom XL Live IQ Routes

Only a little more than a year ago I purchased the Garmin Nuvi 1490t satnav. Although a big issue regarding frequent automatic restarts was resolved with very good support from the Garmin helpdesk, I was longing back to my previous device from TomTom more and more.

Gamin Nuvi 1490T review

  • The bluetooth headset was not loud and clear enough to actually be used
  • The free traffic information through RDS always gave me the feeling that it was better to ignore it then to listen to it
  • The route navigation calculation did not seem to understand that leaving a road takes (some) time or that there are roads where a certain speed might legally be aloud, but where with this speed can’t actually be driven.

Google Maps Navigation

I did try the free Google Maps navigation service for a few weeks, but although it did the job to bring me from A to B, it wasn’t very user friendly.
  1. The car doesn’t move across the map fluently
  2. The calculated route has a little too much tendency to take the short instead of the fast or main route.

TomTom XL Live IQ Routes

So I came back to TomTom. I found a refurbished device on the internet which included the Live services for 1 year. Live services connect the Tomtom to the internet for a prepaid amount of money to send it’s own logging and download things like live traffic information, speed controls, fuel prices and points of interest.

Unlike with the Garmin RDS based traffic information, with the TomTom I always have the feeling that I’d better use it’s information. The calculated routes seem very logical and the interface is fine. So I’m glad to be back!

Download the manuals for the TomTom XL Live IQ Routes in PDF below

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