Before Sunset

I really liked before sunrise where boy meets girl and only 1 night is the source for a complete movie. It’s sequel, before sunset, tells the story of the same 2 people meeting again 9 years later.

The complete duration of the film is a 1 on 1 recording of every second between the scene where they meet till…. the end of the movie. Despite this, it never gets boring. Where the first movie was about 2 persons getting together, this part is about what happened to them, how they’ve seen their lives develop and how the initial meeting up influenced that all.

The actors developed with their lives, the story was very good, Paris is great and so is Julie Delpy. I rate this movie with an 8.5.

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By Leendert

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  1. I’ve been searching for the sequel earlier this year but it wasn’t released back then. It wasn’t even certain if it would come at all. But I’m glad it’s there. Thanks! I’ll definitely watch it.

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