[solved] Not able to send images with Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a great tool to exchange chats, images and more for free with your friends. Unfortunaly, after installing Whatsapp on my new HTC Desire C with Android 4.0, I could receive images but could not send them myself. After selecting the right image in my gallery, the message “Failed to preview image, please try again later” pops up.

Well, to be honest, I run the Dutch language so it said “Voorvertoning van afbeelding mislukt (…)”.

I tried all kinds of things:

  • Removing the history didn’t help
  • Searching the Whatsapp site for a solution didn’t help
  • Removing and then reinstalling Whatsapp didn’t help
  • Sending other media also didn’t work
  • Freeing up memory didn’t work


At the end I realized that my phone had a lot of free memory, but didn’t have an extra external memory card. When I put in the memory card from my old phone the problem was solved right away. So if you get a comparable error message while trying to send a message from Whatsapp then try to install an external memory card.


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