To Rome with love

Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg
Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg

Woody Allen is making easy money by visiting big European cities and shooting a movie about the beauty of the city, the local culture and about people getting connected. After Paris and Barcelona, this time it was Rome that was visited by American tourists.

To rome with loveThe title is sweet, but for me it doesn’t quite fit what the movie was about. It was about Rome, about some big Italian companies like Fiat funding the movie, about Woody Allen’s fear for death, about experience coming with years, about the madness of mass-media (reminds me of Dexter’s famous Omelette du Fromage episode), about lust and attraction and admittedly also about love. In short, it’s about people connecting with each other where Rome is the setting.

Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg
Ellen Page and Jesse Eisenberg

I find it challenging to see Jesse Eisenberg as somebody else than Mark Zuckerberg. But I love seeing Ellen Page.
To Rome with love is not brilliant, but very entertaining. I therefore rate it with a 7.

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  1. I did and indeed; I liked it better. I rated it with an 8 on IMDB. I should have written some more about it as I have difficulties remembering it…

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