Saeco Intuita

After Saeco became part of the Philips family I worked on IT integration projects for three years. All this time I managed to fight my urge to buy one of these beautiful Espresso machines. Last month I gave up the fight and bought a Saeco Intuita.

The Saeco Intuita is one of the lower end machines. That doesn’t mean the coffee is low end. The espressos are great, the longo is lovely and the steam pipe helps creating a wonderful cappuccino.  With dedicated buttons for every function and easy to access compartments for water, beans and residue the machine is very friendly to use. In short: I love it!

Saeco Intuita Factory reset

Here´s how to do a Saeco Intuita factory Reset, for example in case you don’t want to descale your machine yet, although the machine is asking for it.

  1. You have to turn the machine off using the on-off switch in the back.
  2. Press ‘steam’ and ‘calc clean’ in the same time while you turn it on from the same switch.
  3. Wait for 5 sec.
  4. Turn it off using the on/off switch in the back
  5. When you turn it on again the settings will be the ones from the factory.
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  1. Difficult to say. Have you been able to check page 35 of the manual? If a reset doesn’t help, then it might be that there’s an underlying hardware issue somewhere in the machine…

  2. leendert, what can I do when all four alarm lights light up. resetting, as advised by the help desk does not help.

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