Philips SHB9150 headphones


In the recent holiday season I got this great present; a Philips wireless Bluetooth headphones SHB9150! Setting up a Bluetooth connection with my HTC One (M7) smart phone was very easy and took less than a minute. Another minute was spend setting the SHB9150 to fit to the size of my head. And I was ready to enjoy the music! Here’s a small review.

Review Philips SHB9150

  • It looks great! Good quality and classy finishing.
  • No cable = no clutter!
  • The sound of the SHB9150 was quite good. Not impressive, not bad either.
  • Wearing the headphones is pleasant. It fits my rather big head rather easily. Also wearing it for longer periods of time it keeps sitting comfortably.
  • The reach of Bluetooth is pretty good. Several times I just forget the thing was on my head and I walked up or down the stairs while the connection didn’t drop.
  • Charging is easy with the same USB connection as any modern phone is using.
  • There’s a small 90-100 cm cable included to connect the headphones through a┬ástandard 3.5 mm audio connection.

Manual Philips SHB9150

As I don’t want to store the paper in some closet, here’s the manual of the Philips SHB9150 in English in PDF for download.

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