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Hi, my name is Leendert van Achteren. I started this website as an extension of my memory and as an archive of my life. Have a look, have fun and please give me your opinion!


A man is his sports. These are mine.

km PR time km/h PR date PR Place
5 0:17:12 17,44 10-05-2004 Groningen
10 0:36:28 16,45 03-06-2004 Nieuwe-Pekela
15 0:58:43 15,33 03-04-2003 Winschoten
20 1:23:34 14,36 25-10-2003 Assen
21,1 1:28:50 14,25 27-12-2003 Veendam
km PR time km/h PR date PR Place
0,500 0:0:53,69 33,52 28-11-2003 Groningen
1,000 0:01:47,75 33,41 31-01-2004 Groningen
1,500 0:02:47,67 32,21 18-03-2007 Groningen
km PR time km/h PR date PR Place
13,3 0:21:23 37,32 23-06-2003 01-06-2005 Aduard
16,4 0:26:22 38,26 02-07-2003 Eemskanaal
9,8 0:14:36 40,27 17-09-2003 Wielerbaan
6,4 0:10:29 36,63 11-05-2005 Hoogkerk
16,6 0:26:10 38,06 02-09-2003 Peize
12,7 1:08:10 11,18 12-07-2006 Alpe d’Huez
m PR time km/h PR date PR Place
400 0:6:54 3,48 18-10-2006 Groningen, Corpushuys, 20m
1000 0:17:35 3,41 11-12-2019 Drachten, De Welle, 50m
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Friends and family

Have a look at the websites of some of my friends and family


These are some of the important organisations in my life:

Some of my sites

I like building websites. Sometimes I want to write multiple items on a specific topic. In such occasions I might start a website on that specific topic instead of adding new post to the site you’re visiting currently. I lot of these single topic websites are about saving money. I dedicated a special page to those: besparen. Please find some other websites I created below:

Recommended by Leendert

Here you find recommended services which I also use myself.

  • Bol.com is a shop for books and gadgets
  • Dropbox is a service where a folder on your hard drive is shared through the cloud to other pc’s are the internet.
  • Lastpass is a great password manager. Making it easy to use your passwords across devices and even share passwords with others.

My “Social” life

Earlier on this page I said that a man is his sports. Maybe in the current era a man is defined by his social life, his social networks. Follow Leendert On Facebook Follow Leendert On Google+ Follow Leendert On Twitter Follow Leendert On LinkedIn Follow Leendert On Pinterest Follow Leendert On IMDb Follow Leendert On Goodreads Follow Leendert On RSS

8 thoughts on “About Leendert

  1. dank voor de MaxiCosyhoestip, meteen besteld! (ze zouden je wellicht commissie moeten geven 🙂

  2. hoi leendert en lizette, nu jullie kunnen trots zijn op jullie huis, met plezier hebben we de foto,s bekeken, wij wensen jullie ontzettend veel geluk in jullie nwe woning, en wensen jullie goede kerstdagen en een zorgenloos 2006. gr. m en r

  3. Hallo Leendert en Lizette, Met veel plezier heb ik de honderd foto`s van jullie verbouwing bekeken. De laatste foto geeft een goed beeld van jullie knusse nestje. Veel succes verder bij het opknappen, het resultaat mag er zijn. Groetjes Kiki

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