Search Engine Friendly URL for Joomla with suPHP

Joomla SEF

After migrating some Joomla-sites from an old server to my new webserver with suPHP the search engine friendly urls didn’t work anymore. The main problem was that the layout was disappeared for all sites other than the main site. In the source code of such a page I found that all CSS files had a… Continue reading Search Engine Friendly URL for Joomla with suPHP

Who do you share a server with?

If you own a website then probably you’re sharing a server with a lot of other websites. Most websites are hosted on shared servers with hundreds of other websites. Thinking about this may result in asking some questions to yourself:

How to protect Coppermine against SPAM

Coppermine is a great photo album. Unfortunately the scum of the world sends their spam to the most often used packages like Coppermine. I also started receiving spam on a Coppermine installation on one of my websites. I found a good solution in the Captcha plugin, prepared for Coppermin by Abbas Ali. After installing this,… Continue reading How to protect Coppermine against SPAM

How to remove the » from the title bar in WordPress

Within WordPress the title is created dynamically. Personally I don’t like the » (“& raquo ;”without changes). I’ve got the feeling that Google and other search engines don’t like them. But it’s hard to remove them. The format of the title can be changed in the theme files, but not the ». Here’s howto.

How to activate RSS feeds in WordPress

I’ve been looking how to generate a RSS feed in my WordPress weblog and found out that WordPress already created it for me! All I needed to do was create a weblink to http:/ [mydomain] /wp-feed.php. Et voila! RSS Feed