A Clint Eastwood directed film with Morgan Freeman and Matt Damon in the cast can’t be bad. So Invictus is indeed worth seeing. But it isn’t great either…

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Kosten beleggen volgens VEB

De Vereniging van Effecten Bezitters (VEB) doet jaarlijks onderzoek naar de kosten van beleggen bij verschillende partijen. In 2009 was dit Today’s. Waar belegt u het goedkoopst in 2010?

Trihotel Rostock

Rostock is a former East German city located at the northern coastline of Germany. Looking for a place to stay we found a hotel called Trihotel Rostock.

Alles is liefde

Feel good movies hebben gemiddeld genomen niet mijn eerste voorkeur qua film. Wanneer de puf er helemaal uit is en de film goed staat aangeschreven sta ik er echter wel voor open.

Corpse Bride – Tim Burton

Tim Burton got famous by his movie Edward Scissorhands. Since then he kept producing recognizable movies different from the mainstream Hollywood releases.

In good company

 Every movie with Scarlett Johansson is worth seeing. In good company is no exception, although the movie itself is quite bad. See it if you like Scarlett. If not, then forget it. I rate it with a 5.

Zin door Andre Meiresonne

Andre Meiresonne heeft in 2001 zijn carriere als manager achter zich gelaten en is gaan trainen, spreken en schrijven. ” Zin!” gaat over de lezer. Het is een vrolijk, toegankelijk lees- en werkboek over jou. Leer jezelf kennen. Zin! is voor iedereen met met meer plezier wil leidinggeven aan zichzelf en aan anderen.

Bruno a disappointment

Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the screen. Now with Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion guru. Unfortunately it’s all a bit too easy, superficial and predictable to convince. I barely managed to make it to the end. But now that I did, I rate it a 4.

Before Sunrise

A boy and a girl meet in a train driving through Europe. They feel a spark and decide do share a night in Vienna. The movie is about 2 persons sharing themselves and their lives with each other. It’s not a conventional Hollywood script, but unfortunately it is played by unknown (good) but not convincing… Continue reading Before Sunrise

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Walle has an 8.6 rating on IMDB. So I openen Walle in HD and had a look. The images were very good. The story was however so incredible dull and superficial that I did not manage to watch it more than half an hour. I rate it a 4 for the quality animations.

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Johan in concert

Last Friday I visited a concert of Johan. They announced the end of the band so this would be their farewell tour and a final opportunity to see them live. When arriving in the Oosterpoort in Groningen, the pre-act just started. I did not like it at all so I quickly left the concert hall… Continue reading Johan in concert

Still Life or Sanxia haoren

Still Life was originally published as Sanxia haoren but then subtitled in English. Coalminer Han Sanming comes from Fengyang in Shanxi to the Three Gorges town Fengjie to look for his daughter and ex-wife whom he has not seen for 16 years. Nurse Shen Hong also comes to Fengjie from Taiyuan in Shanxi to look… Continue reading Still Life or Sanxia haoren