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Hattrick Player Experience

Carlei wrote a very good article on player experience in Hattrick.  Unfortunately however, the article went off-line, only to be recoverd by the wayback machine.

Therefore I’m trying to save it for getting lost forever on my site. Read it and learn everything about how players get their experience and how to determine the sublevel of a player’s experience below.

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[HT] The unwritten manual

There’s an incredible amount of information to find about Hattrick. But there’s no central location where everything can be found. Zorbas is the succesfull manager of Saint Lucifer who for example won the Greek cup. He wrote an overview of a lot of information about Hattrick in the Tactics federation. As this is the most complete overview which goes deeper then the average beginner’s guide, I decided to share it here.

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How to play Supreme Commander on a virtual LAN

In my search for the next best thing after RTS game Red Alert 2, I found Supreme Commander which is more or less the sequel of Total Annihilation. Supreme Commander, or SupCom is great for it’s zooming capabilities, it’s units, the graphics, the gameplay. It’s just great. But how to play it with my brother who lives somewhere else?

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Anno 1404

Anno 1404 is a RTS game suited in the historical setting of 1404. The Civilization-like gameplay is interesting but was not able to keep me “in the game” for more than a few hours. The graphics were excellent though, the sounds are nice, the tutorial is pretty good. It just misses the magic touch of SimCity 4 or Red Alert 2.