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Scientific publicitations by myself or together with others.

Evolutionary parameter optimization in Robocode

This paper describes an attempt to find out whether it is possible to use evolution to determine how strong separately developed single behaviors should be present in the final behavior of a robot and to determine the values of certain parameters used in robot functions, in order to be successful. Where successful is defined being able to win over its competitors. 

L. van Achteren, February 2006


Yesterday I finally finished the last of my master thesis. It’s about context aware applications in general and more specific about how to find context aware functional requirements. You can download the report here, or on the new “Publications” page of this website.

Why use bodies at all

A lot of research is being conducted on cognition; on human cognition as well as on robotic cognition. From the classical or Cartesian perspective, cognition and the body on which the cognition operates are two separate entities. In this paper Wouter and I point out that not only the body is needed for cognition, but moreover that cognition should be seen as an integrated part of the body. 

W. Lieffijn, L. van Achteren, November 2005