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Archeologic findings covered with earth

A new railway is under construction between Zwolle and Lelystad in the Netherlands. Archeologists found prove that people lived in that region 10.000 years before Christ. It seams to be an extraordinary finding with great importance. So what are they going to do now? Well, it’s going to be covered with earth again until the end of this year so that the farmers can use their land in the mean time…

End of an era | Lance Armstrong

Today was the last competitive day in the Tour de France 2005. Lance Armstrong, the man that made history each year since the first time he won the tour after beating cancer, wrote history for the last time. He won his seven-in-a-row Tour de France by beating all his competitors on the time trial. Well, actually he had such a gap with his opponents that he could have done easy today, but he didn’t. He wanted to win. His last competitive race should be won. And he did. I’ve seen the highlights of the race four or five times after the live coverage and I’ll see them again in the future. You’ll see them again in the future. Lance Armstrong is a living legend. Today was the last day we’ve seen him alive as an athlete. Thank you Lance for being such an inspirator for man kind. I’ll miss you and I’ll remember you. The end of an era.

Virtual Social Network

One or two years ago I got the idea to build a virtual social network on the internet. The problem is, that such a structure is too complex to be build without putting all your time in it. So I didn’t. Around that time, more people must have gotten the idea and I’m happy to see that some of those virtual social networks really seem to work. Probably better then when I would have build one. Hyves is the largest in the Netherlands with almost one million members. That’s a lot! Go check it out.

London bombs

Yesterday bombs went of in London again. Although I don’t live there and I’ve been there only once in 2004, I still feel sad. I know we live in a safer world now then ever in history before, but the dangers that still threaten us are brought to us better then ever and I can’t help getting emotionally involved.
Gary Jules’s “Mad World” has exactly the feeling I get from such an event. But I fortunately still have better dreams. Dreams of hope, dreams of making a difference.