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Before Sunrise

beforesunriseA boy and a girl meet in a train driving through Europe. They feel a spark and decide do share a night in Vienna. The movie is about 2 persons sharing themselves and their lives with each other. It’s not a conventional Hollywood script, but unfortunately it is played by unknown (good) but not convincing actors (not good). Better acting could have made this movie even rawer. Still I rate it with an 8.


walleWalle has an 8.6 rating on IMDB. So I openen Walle in HD and had a look. The images were very good. The story was however so incredible dull and superficial that I did not manage to watch it more than half an hour. I rate it a 4 for the quality animations.

Still Life or Sanxia haoren

Still LifeStill Life was originally published as Sanxia haoren but then subtitled in English. Coalminer Han Sanming comes from Fengyang in Shanxi to the Three Gorges town Fengjie to look for his daughter and ex-wife whom he has not seen for 16 years. Nurse Shen Hong also comes to Fengjie from Taiyuan in Shanxi to look for her husband who has not been home for two years. The old township has been submerged. Life persists in the Three Gorges – what should be taken up is taken up, what should be cast off is cast off.
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