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Indian Chinese restaurant Nieuw China Utrecht

During my one night stay in Hotel Ouwi I went looking for a nice restaurant in the Bildstraat. I was quite hungry so I decided to go for the Chinese restaurant. After entering I noticed the enormous mirror on the ceiling. A nice girl asked me to sit wherever I would like, so I did. Enjoying a decently priced drink, I decided to go for a combined menu with Tjasp-Tjoy, Foe Jong Hai, Bami and sate. The Chinese Tomato soup I had before was nice but not more than that, just like the main dish. As I expected, the quantity was very good. I had to eat a little too much to clean the plates and the food was good enough to make me ;). For 18 euro’s I had a large and healthy meal with soup before and two drinks during my meal.

I give restaurant Nieuw China a 7.