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For all the gadgets and equipment I buy, I want to know where to find the manual without having to keep a print. I store them here


Philips SHB9150 headphones

In the recent holiday season I got this great present; a Philips wireless Bluetooth headphones SHB9150! Setting up a Bluetooth connection with my HTC One (M7) smart phone was very easy and took less than a minute. Another minute was spend setting the SHB9150 to fit to the size of my head. And I was ready to enjoy the music! Here’s a small review.
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Philips AW5000 front

Philips AW5000

A few years ago I gave away all my Cd’s as my complete music collection is stored on the hard disk of my PC. However, the build in speakers of the all in one PC aren’t good enough to fill my living room. But how to get a decent audio quality from a device which should preferably be put on a book shelve 7 meters away without having to lay ugly and inconvenient cables?

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Handleiding Bosch SGI58M05EU

Begin 2009 kochten we de Bosch SGI58M05EU vaatwasser. Bosch staat bekend als de goedkoopste van de degelijke merken en de SGI58M05 is in hun range een betaalbaar en stil model. Nu, bijna een jaar verder zijn onze ervaringen met het apparaat erg goed. De vaat is schoon, er gaat niks kapot. Hieronder vind je de gebruikershandleiding in PDF formaat.
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