How to create your own virtual private network with Hamachi

The internet is great. But still there are things you can do in a local network that can not easily be done over the internet. Share a printer, share a folder, play a LAN game, etc. With the free virtual private network application Hamachi however, you can access your computer from anywhere on the internet… Continue reading How to create your own virtual private network with Hamachi

How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook

Webbased calendars are accesible everywhere. Google is one of the best webcalendars available, but I already use Outlook as my agenda and Outlook is fine because of the integration with contacts and Outlook mail. It’s possible to export data from Google through iCal, but I want it automated. RemoteCalendars comes to the rescue. But how… Continue reading How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook

Hattrick Coach Professional

Hattrick Coach Professional is a program that helps you manage your team. It measures the improvements of your trainees and calculates the how good a player would perform on a certain place. It also has a Transfer Price Evaluation functionality, which determines the approximate value of your players.

Exec-PHP plugin for WordPress

I really love the WordPress weblog software I use. One of the few inconveniences is that it can’t cope with PHP. Today I found a solution. The Exec-PHP plugin tackles exactly that problem. It allows for using php code into a WordPress post.

phpbook globals turned off

Smartisoft published the PHP/mySQL guestbook phpbook. Unfortunately, their version 2.0 can not run if php globals are turned off. Update 6-11-2007: Unfortunately this guestbook is outdated and due to security reasons no longer safe to use. Please use a modern alternative!

Top Freeware

Here is some free software that’s REALLY worth downloading. Every pc should have these applications! Do you know more programs that should be here, please email me! If a product has a gpl license, then it’s noticed. Gpl stands for general public licence. That means that the product isn’t only for free, there are… Continue reading Top Freeware

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