How to remove Nero Scout

I try to keep my pc clean of software that I do not use. Nero Scout is such a piece of software. But it automatically comes to your system when installing Nero 7. It has an option build in to disable it, but how to remove it?

Slot vervangen

Na 70 jaar was het slot van onze voordeur dusdanig versleten dat de bijbehorende sleutels het slot nauwelijks meer konden openen. Tijd voor vervanging dus. Via een website offertes aangevraagd en een mailtje ontvangen van “VDP inbraakbeveiliging” te Groningen ( dat we voor een prijs opgaaf maar even moesten bellen.

How to play Red Alert 2 online

Buy Red Alert 2 (very cheap nowadays) Install Red Alert 2 Upgrade Red Alert 2 if necessary (it upgrades automatically if you try to open an internet game) Install the XWIS tool (XWIS manages the Red Alert 2 online games nowadays) Start an internet game in RA2 enjoy!

How to protect Coppermine against SPAM

Coppermine is a great photo album. Unfortunately the scum of the world sends their spam to the most often used packages like Coppermine. I also started receiving spam on a Coppermine installation on one of my websites. I found a good solution in the Captcha plugin, prepared for Coppermin by Abbas Ali. After installing this,… Continue reading How to protect Coppermine against SPAM

How to create your own virtual private network with Hamachi

The internet is great. But still there are things you can do in a local network that can not easily be done over the internet. Share a printer, share a folder, play a LAN game, etc. With the free virtual private network application Hamachi however, you can access your computer from anywhere on the internet… Continue reading How to create your own virtual private network with Hamachi

How to Remove Duplicate Imported Items from Outlook

When you import items into Microsoft Outlook for example by synchronization, duplicates can occur. Unfortunately, there is not an option to remove duplicate items after your import. This article explains howto delete duplicate items after you complete the sync / import process.

How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook

Webbased calendars are accesible everywhere. Google is one of the best webcalendars available, but I already use Outlook as my agenda and Outlook is fine because of the integration with contacts and Outlook mail. It’s possible to export data from Google through iCal, but I want it automated. RemoteCalendars comes to the rescue. But how… Continue reading How to synchronize Google Calendar with Outlook