Dark City (1998)

Watching Dark City makes you think you’re watching a mixture of The Matrix and Sin City. While Dark City might not have the finishing touch which is present in both mentioned movies, it does have respectively the “wat-if-the-world-is-not-what-we-think-it-is” story line and the comic scenery.

Prices of forwards in Hattrick

In May 2007 I did an analysis on the prices of players in Hattrick to optimize my passing training. Here are the prices I found for forwards between 21 en 23 years old using Hattrick Transfer Price Evaluation (HTPE).

Wintertriathlon Groningen 2007

De wintertriathlon Groningen 2007 was opnieuw een groot succes. Ik ben ontzettend blij met de inzet van de vrijwilligers, sponsoren en leveranciers en het verloop van de dag. Daarnaast ben ik erg trots op het bestuur dat het raamwerk waarin dit alles plaats vond, heeft opgebouwd. Hieronder het artikel over de wedstrijd zoals verschenen op… Continue reading Wintertriathlon Groningen 2007

Master in Industrial Engineering and Management Science

Three months ago, somewhere in August I was a bit disappointed about the title that was written on my degree. I thought I should have had an other title. Therefore, I made some phone calls and sent some email. It took three months and a lot more emails and phone calls, but I was right.… Continue reading Master in Industrial Engineering and Management Science