Dymo LetraTag LT-100T

The Dymo LetraTag LT-100T is a very robust, easy to use and affordable label printer. All you need to do is insert 4 AA batteries and insert a label cartridge and off you go! But what if it doesn’t go?

Manual Polar RS200

The Polar RS200 heart rate monitor is build to use while running, but can be used any time. The reasons I bought it is the compatibility with fitness equipment, the quality of Polar products in general, the looks and the value for money.

Manual Giro Helmets

As my old helmet was already 5 years old I decided to replace it with a new one. Opinions on when to replace your helmet by a new one are not very consistent. Anyway, I came across a great offer at one of my favourite bike shops and decided to buy the Giro Pneumo helmet.… Continue reading Manual Giro Helmets

Manual Bosch KIV28A50

Some time ago I bought the Bosch KIV28A50 refrigerator / freezer. It’s quiet and cool ;). I can recommend it. Please find the manual in multiple languages in 1 PDF file below.

Omron MIT Elite Plus

The Omron MIT Elite plus is a home use digital automatic blood pressure monitor. It’s highly portable, has a slim design and a large display and can be operated with only one button. It’s extremely easy in use.

Manual Philips AJL303/12

In a bowling competition I won the Philips AJL303/12 clock radio with photo screen functionality. I would never buy it myself as it’s using energy while you don’t need it. The good thing is; you can easily turn off the screen for when you’re not there or you’re sleeping.

Manual IKEA oven

Our entire kitchen is build out of Ikea closets. Besides the closets we also installed an Ikea oven. This oven is actually coming from Whirpool. The manual is even exactly the same as that for the Whirpool AKZ555. Find the user instructions / installation guide below. By the way: it works great! Manual Ikea Oven… Continue reading Manual IKEA oven