Manual Kenwood XD-980MD

Some 15 years ago I bought the Kenwood XD-980MD hifi set for it’s great sound quality and its support for Minidisc. Playing as well as reading. It still is a great set although I’m using my girlfriends receiver component attached to an HTPC now instead. Download the English user instructions in PDF format below:

Manual Etna T007 008 012 17 037 039

Download the manual for the Etna T007VB, T007H..(f), T007V, T007V..(f), T008V, T012VW, T017H, T017VW, A037VW, A039VW in PDF format below. One download for Dutch, English, French and German. Manual t007 008 012 017 a037 039

Manual Shimano Flightdeck

The Shimano Flight deck system is a great system for measuring your speed. You change views on the screen without moving your hands from the steer bar. It displays your current gear √°nd calculates your pedal frequency. Download the user instructions / manual for the Shimano Flightdeck in pdf format below.

Stokke Tripp Trapp

In the world of baby and children chairs there is only one option. The Stokke¬†Tripp Trapp is a wooden chair designed already in the 70’s. These chairs enable the child to move its arms freely, and to rest its feet. It’s highly adaptable to the size of a growing child and can be used from… Continue reading Stokke Tripp Trapp

Manual Nokia 6230i

The Nokia 6230i is a solid phone which is small, looks good, is easy to use and has all the functions you can expect from a business phone which includes MP3, bluetooth, camera, etc. Download the user instructions of the Nokia 6230i in pdf format below.

Corsair VX450W

For my new PC I chose the Corsair VX450W Power Supply. It has enough power to feed my energy efficient PC and has the 80+ certification I demand from a modern power supply. It’s not only energy efficient; it’s also very quiet as reviewed by SilentPCReview.