How to transfer contacts from Nokia 6230i to N95

Today I tried to migrate the contacts from a Nokia 6230i phone to the Nokia N95. I used a 2-step approach.

  1. Copy all contacts on Nokia 6230i to the sim card
  2. Copy all contacts from the sim card to the N95

Manual Nokia N95

A little more than a year ago I bought the Nokia N95 series mobile phone. This was the first version of the N95 officially referred to as N95-1. It was the first model which combined Bluetooth, WLAN, 3G, EDGE, FM radio and GPS in a “normally” sized handset. I use all these features quite a lot and the quality is very good.


N95 as a wireless hotspot

For my work I travel quite a lot. Mostly I travel by train as this gives me the opportunity to take some sleep very early in the morning and do some work when travelling in the afternoon or evening. My Nokia N95 enables me to connect to the internet through 3G. It has a decent browser built in and my Vodafone flat fee internet bundle which costs me € 9,95 / month gives me the freedom and speed to do online whatever I want.