Philips AW5000

A few years ago I gave away all my Cd’s as my complete music collection is stored on the hard disk of my PC. However, the build in speakers of the all in one PC aren’t good enough to fill my living room. But how to get a decent audio quality from a device which… Continue reading Philips AW5000

Manual Philips AJL303/12

In a bowling competition I won the Philips AJL303/12 clock radio with photo screen functionality. I would never buy it myself as it’s using energy while you don’t need it. The good thing is; you can easily turn off the screen for when you’re not there or you’re sleeping.

Manual Philips Avent SCD498

The Philips Avent SCD498 Baby Monitor can reach as far as 300 meter in open field or 50 meters in houses. It has signals to notify you when the connection is lost. I never had problems using it. Find its manual / user instruction in PDF below.

Philips Wake-Up light

Almost 2 year ago I bought the first version of the Philips Wake-up light. This expensive alarm .clock wakes you up by imitating the rising sun. It increases its light intensity over a period of half an hour or so which should help you wake up more comfortable. I have the feeling that it works… Continue reading Philips Wake-Up light