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How to protect Coppermine against SPAM

coppermine.jpgCoppermine is a great photo album. Unfortunately the scum of the world sends their spam to the most often used packages like Coppermine. I also started receiving spam on a Coppermine installation on one of my websites. I found a good solution in the Captcha plugin, prepared for Coppermin by Abbas Ali. After installing this, the user needs to type the letters he can read, but a bot can’t. Here’s howto.


How to create a sitemap in WordPress

Sitemap.JPGFor your WordPress blog 2 types of Sitemaps are relevant. The first is the XML sitemap used by Google. The second is an ordinary sitemap for your visitors, which might also be used by Google by the way. But how to add them? Here’s howto.

Web Development

How to redirect using PHP

Sometimes you want an url to be directed to another location. As php is the major webbuilding language, here’s howto redirect with PHP.

1 Create an index.php file with the following content:

< ? Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); Header( "Location:" ); ?>

2 Save it on the location that needs to be redirected to the new location.


phpbook globals turned off

Smartisoft published the PHP/mySQL guestbook phpbook. Unfortunately, their version 2.0 can not run if php globals are turned off.

Update 6-11-2007: Unfortunately this guestbook is outdated and due to security reasons no longer safe to use. Please use a modern alternative!