How to activate my page

As my page is mentioning that it’s not activated yet, has not been activated yet. and I have not been able to find an activation link in my email history, I’m trying to have it activated by writing this specific post from my dashboard. Let’s see what happens!

How to remove the » from the title bar in WordPress

Within WordPress the title is created dynamically. Personally I don’t like the » (“& raquo ;”without changes). I’ve got the feeling that Google and other search engines don’t like them. But it’s hard to remove them. The format of the title can be changed in the theme files, but not the ». Here’s howto.

How to activate RSS feeds in WordPress

I’ve been looking how to generate a RSS feed in my WordPress weblog and found out that WordPress already created it for me! All I needed to do was create a weblink to http:/ [mydomain] /wp-feed.php. Et voila! RSS Feed

Exec-PHP plugin for WordPress

I really love the WordPress weblog software I use. One of the few inconveniences is that it can’t cope with PHP. Today I found a solution. The Exec-PHP plugin tackles exactly that problem. It allows for using php code into a WordPress post.